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Wildfire 2 Instructions

The controls of Wildfire 2 is very simple to pick up: use your directional keys - up directional key to get air borne, down directional key to dive, left and right to...well, move left and right. The controls are easy, as with most helicopter games you can lay your hands on. BUT playing Wildfire 2 is a different matter though. Let's take a look.

Wildfire 2 Walkthrough

If you are looking for the cutest helicopter games on the planet, Wildfire 2 is easily a candidate...and a strong, better yet, nearly winning one at that! The premise of the game is pretty simple: you need to rescue those cute little animals from the burning forest. Sounds easy? Yeah, it does. BUT not until you have played the game.

Saving an animal is simple - just land on it. That should get the job done. Getting there is the hard part. You see, the chopper you are driving is so damn hard to maneuver! Press up and it will rocket towards the ceiling. YES, the forest you are in has a ceiling. Odd, isn't it? And once you are air borne, try pressing down. And down it goes like a jet that ran out of fuel in mid air. Yes, it will crash!

Toss in the fact that you only have 3 lives to begin with, the game gets twice as hard. True, you have a life bar for every life. BUT it's almost useless. A single bump, even one that you would be tempted to deem innocent or not that damaging, will slash one fourth or (if you are unlucky) half of your life bar. Do that enough times and BOOM! Your chopper is gone and you have to start from square one. Use up your 3 lives and it's game over. You need to start right from the very first stage.

Instead of giving you a walkthrough, which is quite impossible, since this game needs steady fingers and reflexes to play rather than a detailed instruction of where to go, where to turn, and everything else in between, I will give you a summarized version of the steps you need to play the game successfully:

(1) First off, as I have said, hold down the arrow keys to get your helicopter moving in the RIGHT direction. Land on the animals to rescue them. Rescue all of the animals in the area to move to the next level.

(2) Well, forest fires are to be avoided...both in real life and in this game. Make the mistake of accidentally landing on a bunch of burning bushes and BOOM! Your toast. Also, when you see an exclamation mark on top of your helicopter, that means you are falling way too fast to land safely. Ignore that and you will crash. Your life bar will suffer depending on how badly you crash.

(3) Smoke - they are all over the place in the later stages. When you pass through smoke, you will be pushed up. If you want to get far in this game, you better learn how to use updrafts to your advantage.

(4) One last reminder, usually, bumping into walls and ceilings will diminish your life bar. I'm not so sure why there are ceilings and walls in a forest, BUT in this game, there are. HOWEVER, when the ceilings and walls have a blue lining, they are safe to bump. BUT at the same time, you should be worried. Having blue-lined ceilings and walls means the stage you are in is difficult...sometimes, insanely difficult!