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Wallace and Gromit: Invention Suspension Instructions

Wallace and Gromit: Invention Suspension - it's one of those helicopter games that are challenging for kids and silly fun for adults. In simpler terms, no matter what your age is, you will love this helicopter game! The controls are very simple: use the directional keys to maneuver your helicopter. When you are ready to pick the target object, hit space bar to launch the magnet. That's it! Nothing fancy, nothing complicated.

Wallace and Gromit: Invention Suspension Walkthrough

Wallace and Gromit: Invention Suspension - combining the nice elements of puzzle and helicopter games, this will surely keep you on your toes for quite some time. I spent a good deal of time playing the game - about 30 minutes or so. And even better, I got enough practice to sharpen my already-rusty puzzle solving and physics skills a bit.

Here's the premise: Wallace is working on a top secret new contraption. HOWEVER, it needs a couple of parts. What you need to do is help Gromit do the scavenging - finding your way through 20 different levels. Once you have spotted the target item, launch down your magnet, pick up the item, find the delivery tube (which is, more often than not, awkwardly placed), and drop the item there to move to the next level.

I eagerly played the 20 levels hoping to see the new contraption that these guys are up to. Unfortunately, they don't show it after finishing the game. HOWEVER, the awards and achievements give it good replay value. There are 20 awards by the way. They are:

(1) Slightly Perfect - awarded when you get a perfect rating on any level (2) Slightly Fast - when you get a fast rating on any level (3) Perfectly Fast - awarded when you get a fast and perfect rating on any level. (4) Mostly Perfect - when you get 15 levels with perfect ratings. (5) Mostly Fast - collect fast ratings on 15 levels. (6) Perfectly Perfect - all 20 levels with perfect ratings. (7) Blindingly Fast - fast ratings on all 20 levels. And those are just to name a few!

You can easily find all of the 20 different awards on the achievements tab located on the lower part of the stage selection screen. I only managed to ge 2 awards on my first try: Long Shot (throw an item cleanly into the tube from far away) and Collect 'Em All (when you have collected all 20 parts). Bottom line: either my reflexes are bad and I'm slow or the other awards take some superhuman maneuvering and speed to achieve.

Nevertheless, this is one of the MORE fun helicopter games out there. You have 3 types of Wallace And Gromit choppers at your disposal: (1) The Red All-Rounder: this helicopter is pretty balanced. Good speed and can take quite a lot of punishment. (2) Built For Strength - Yellow: As the name suggests, this chopper is very beefy and nearly indestructible even against bombs! (3) Built For Speed - Orange: For those stages where you need to be fast, this is the chopper to pick.

HOWEVER, I didn't find the need to switch choppers until late into the game...about level 16 to 20? But it's nice to know that they are around in case you need them. Summing things up, if you are a kid who's looking for puzzle and helicopter games to keep you busy and sharpen your wits, this is a game you should check out.

On the other hand, if you are a grown up guy who wants to fight off boredom with helicopter games that have nice graphics, well...this game is STILL for you!