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Transporter Instructions

WASD or arrow keys to fly plane, X to switch direction facing, space to lower rope. P to pause the game.

Transporter Walkthrough

Contrary to the popular movie, Transporter is a helicopter game where you must rescue stranded citizens from their untimely demise. This game is about as fun as the real life version, except without the screams of anguish or satisfaction of saving lives. None of that responsibility, just a few arrow key movements and a bit of button pressing.

In Transporter, you start off each mission facing the wrong way; why is that? I don't know. But you are. So the first thing to do for each mission is press the X button to switch yourself facing the objective. The reason for this is speed; when moving the direction you're facing you move about three times faster than moving in the direction you are not facing. Use X constantly to switch back and forth. When rescuing, remember that to actually rescue something or someone, the little circle at the end of the rope must be touching the object once it extends to its full length. That means if you're directly above the person, or object, your rescue rope will go right through it until it extends to its full size, so you'll have to approximately gauge how much higher up you'll be than the target. Also you can rescue four at a time, which will save some time going back and forth.

The scenery is somewhat lethal. There is a watch tower in the first three levels directly to your right; it counts as a very painful obstacle, despite it blending into the scenery somewhat. Being precise is key, but don't be too slow so that the timer runs out. Water, also, in Transporter, is very solid, so don't be fooled by its appearance.

Speaking of the helipad, it acts as a healing point, and a drop zone. If you lose too much health from freak tree accidents, you can head back to give yourself some of that much needed health.