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Thunder Struck - Desert Force Instructions

WASD or arrow keys to move, number pad 1-9 to switch weapons. Mouse to aim, left click to shoot

Thunder Struck - Desert Force Walkthrough

In Thunder Struck - Desert Force you are an Apache Helicopter taking down rogue pilots and tanks. The game is simple enough, point and shoot. There are several types of weapons, most of them being variants of the same one previously. For instance, weapons one, two, and four all use the same type of ammunition; weapon one allows you to fire rapidly, weapon 2 in three-shot bursts, and weapon four is the same as weapon one except uses less ammo but a it's a bit slower. The enemies take a lot of bullets to die with the lesser weapons, so for convenience sake use up the more powerful ones first. The powerful weapons, or missiles, require more precise aiming; they explode where your cursor aims. That means if you fire a missile past an enemy ship, it will not explode on target but keep going to where you aimed it. Make sure you take note of that before going on a killing spree with your weapon. The AI of the enemy is not too bright, so dodging attacks is relatively easy; just stay in the middle of the screen so you don't get cornered and hit.