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Rating: 3.88/5 stars (33 ratings)

Skylocopter Instructions

Use the arrow keys to control and pilot the Skylocopter, while using the spacebar to drop bombs on enemies and stationary bombs. Pick up the golden key in a level to unlock the pot of gold, and once it's been unlocked, grab it to move on to the next level.

Skylocopter Walkthrough

Skylocopter is a fun, quirky helicopter game where you'll be piloting the Skylocopter - a fragile, hard-to-control helicopter that can also drop bombs when it needs to. In each level you'll come across, you'll have to pick up a golden key before you can pick up a pot of gold - and move on to the next level. Each key is usually well-guarded, though, and you'll have to either destroy a bunch of enemies or stationary bombs to get to it.

Once you've gotten the golden key, the pot of gold isn't that hard to nab - and once you're in between rounds, you'll be able to purchase upgrades for your Skylocopter. These range from repairing current damage to upgrading your speed and total life. The only upgrade you should really focus on purchasing is the life upgrade - speed is useful to a point, but if you've purchased too much of the speed upgrade, the game ends up being more difficult than anything else.

As long as you keep your health filled at the beginning of each level, you'll do fine in Skylocopter. Each level will provide a unique challenge that you won't find in the next, and of course - it should be mentioned that game is fun to play, too. If you want to get more upgrades than you normally would, make sure you pick up as many red-jewels as you can - you'll get bonus money for each one that pick up, and that means more upgrades.

If you think you're up to the job of piloting the Skylocopter, then you'll love this helicopter game - just make sure you take each level slow and steady - each bump you hit or bomb you run into will take away from your health.