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Secure the Deck Instructions

A helicopter game that comes with an easy to pick up control scheme, Secure The Deck is played entirely with the keyboard: (1) Use the left and right arrow keys to move your Seahawk back and forth. (2) To slide down your Navy Seals into position, hit the down arrow keys. (3) To release them from your rope, hit the space bar button and make sure that they land in the RIGHT position. That's about everything you need to know about the controls.

Secure the Deck Walkthrough

A couple of years, when I watched Black Hawk Down a couple of years ago, the scene where the US soldiers were sliding down the helicopters... especially the part where Orlando Bloom slipped from the rope, broke his neck and unable to get to the scene of action, made me wonder: is it really that hard to slide down from a chopper through a rope? The answer came to me just now, and it's through Secure The Deck. So is it hard? HELL YEAH it is!

The objective of this helicopter game is to get your troops - the Navy Seals to be precise, land on and secure the right positions. You have to use the arrow key to control your Seahawk; to slide down your men; and you have to hit the space bar button to release them. It sounds easy BUT it isn't! For starters, you need to land and position your men on a moving ship or boat. And to make things even MORE challenging, the winds are very turbulent and so is the water... making your rope wildly sway back and forth while the boat or ship is just as unstable as the raging sea it's on. Secure all of the positions in the deck (which is lighted / indicated) and you beat the level and more on to the next.

The number of soldiers at your disposal is VERY limited. For example, in the first level, there are 4 positions to land on and secure. You only have 8 men in total. You have to be very careful. While these Navy Seals have undergone rigorous training to withstand the harsh elements they face in their missions, they are NOT made of steel. Drop them too high and it doesn't matter if they land on the right position - they are injured and it doesn't count. Dropping them on water isn't a good idea as well. The water is just too wild and your men won't make it to safety. And to make things even worse, doing that will result to a score deduction. If you run out of men and you are not able to secure all of the positions at the deck, you fail the mission and you have to start from square one.

Your score depends on how fast you take control of the deck. BUT don't even think about rushing things. With the boat and your helicopter moving violently, almost nothing good will come out of hurriedly disposing your men at the needed locations. I strongly advice that you don't hold down the space bar button for too long as your Navy Seal could end up sliding in the wrong position. Instead, tap it constantly... take baby steps so to speak. It's safe and, I think, it's still fast enough to earn a high score.

Summing things up, the game play of Secure The Deck is simple yet so difficult. There's nothing deep or too complex to understand about it. You just have to secure the deck! At the same time, it's also difficult and challenging thanks to the waving and raging sea, constantly moving winds that sway your rope back, and other things that are out of your control. That said, I HIGHLY recommend this helicopter game for killing time.

The nice graphics, the smooth and 'easy to pick up' controls, the realistic sound track, and more made the game VERY pleasant to play. Give this game a shot and see what I am talking about.