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Recon copter Instructions

WASD to move. Mouse to aim, left click to fire. Q and E to cycle through weapons. R to reload, X to repair, and F to go into low air flight mode.

Recon copter Walkthrough

Recon Copter is a bird's view helicopter game in which you must shoot down tank-like vehicles. This game has a lot of nuances, which will be briefly explained. First off, you actually CAN physically lose and be forced to start over from mission one. This can happen when you run out of ammo, and do not have enough to reload.

Reloading, which you should be aware of, costs money. It's not cheap, the strongest weapon costs 9000, or nine kills worth to reload once. Not only that, the difference is not refunded; for instance, if you decide to reload when your ammo gauge is depleted halfway, you will still be charged the full amount.

Another problem is healing; you have ten bars of health. Healing one bar costs 5000. So in order to heal back to full, it will cost you 45000. That is not cheap at all. Not only that, between levels your stats do not change. No refresh of life, no reloading of ammo. Nothing. If you die, you restart with one bar of health, leaving you for dead if you cannot afford repair yourself. That means your only option is to avoid getting hit in the first place. How can you do that? Simple; never stop flying. If you keep going in a direction, the shots will miss almost all the time, which should help immensely.

Lastly, I would like to point out a very strange feature; low air flight mode. This does two things; makes you vulnerable to buildings, and reduces your helicopter size by one tenth of it's normal. So, in short, it's completely useless. Pressing F on top of a building is instantaneous death. Your reduced size doesn't do anything if you cannot fly out of the shots. So what's the point? There is one. When you die to a building crash, you don't lose health. You just lose the mission. This is useful if you want to quickly restart a mission without losing health.