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rc-copter Instructions

Hold down the left mouse button to increase your helicopter's altitude - depending on where your cursor is, the helicopter will move forwards or backwards horizontally. Choose from slow, normal, and high speeds at the beginning of the game, before you start playing - slow is easiest but it takes much longer to get a high score; high is the most difficult but takes the least amount of time to play.

rc-copter Walkthrough

rc-copter is a rather simple game that doesn't really need any introduction - there are plenty of other arcade and helicopter games like it. The premise is simple - you're flying through a cave, and you'll have to effectively pilot your chopper so it doesn't touch the top of the cave, the bottom of the cave, or any obstacles that may be in the middle. As your distance through the cave increases, the size and placement of obstacles in the cave itself will become more obstinate and difficult to pass.

Being a progressively difficult game, there's little room for error in rc-copter. If you want to survive for as long as you possibly can, pick slow mode, and stick towards the back of the cave so you'll be able to avoid anything that comes your way. Or, if you're just going for a high score, the high-speed mode is your best bet - you'll gain points almost three times as fast as you would in slow mode, but you'll also be able to die much easier.

Overall, rc-copter doesn't really offer anything new to the arcade-style it's copying. But, if you've never played a game like rc-copter before, then go ahead and have fun - it can actually be quite addicting. High speed mode will give you the best challenge, but if you're looking to survive the longest - definitely go with slow mode. Try to stick to the back of the cave if you want to survive, or stick to the front if you think you're that good of a chopper pilot.