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Overkill Apache Instructions

Use the arrow keys to pilot your apache helicopter and the spacebar to shoot weapons ranging from missiles, rockets, bombs, and your standard machine gun. Pick up as many upgrades as possible, destroy as many enemies as you can, and watch your rank increase in this awesome arcade-type helicopter game.

Overkill Apache Walkthrough

Overkill Apache starts out with a ton of action, and ends with a ton of action - the whole game is fun, insane, and all about destroying the enemy. If you think you can handle that, try it out - you'll start out with 3 lives, a huge health bar, and the rank of private. As you destroy more enemies, your rank will increase, and as you destroy more enemies - more upgrade drops will become readily available. These upgrades will automatically add to your weaponry - so you can be shooting up to four different types of weapons at once.

Of course, you'll slowly run out of ammo over time, but for the amount of time that you do have a limited supply of rockets, bombs, missiles, and your machine gun - almost any enemy is cannon fodder. There's no other objective to the game, either - you don't have to rescue anyone, and you don't have to look out for anyone. As the instructions plainly say - make some noise.

And that's what you'll be doing in this helicopter game. With the whole screen being scrollable, you can try your luck at the bottom of the screen against tanks and enemies on foot, or you can try and keep your helicopter in the middle of the screen, towards the back - this is probably the best place to keep it. You'll be able to avoid and fire at ground units, while taking aim at enemy jets, choppers, and bombers. With 3 lives to play through, there's nothing from stopping you gaining your high rank, and destroying tons of enemies along the way.