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Miniheli (Flash Version) Instructions

Clicking and holding down the left mouse button will keep your helicopter in the air and increase your altitude, but touching either the top or bottom of the screen at any time will cause your helicopter to crash. Once you've picked up a missile, hit the spacebar to fire it - aim at any mountains that get in your way. Constantly pick up fuel power ups while you're flying - otherwise you'll run out and crash.

Miniheli (Flash Version) Walkthrough

Miniheli is not only a flash game, but a game designed for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Needless to say, it's quite a bit more difficult when using just your mouse - but if you've played a helicopter game like MIniheli before, you should automatically know what to do right away.

You'll start the game with a full reservoir of fuel, but as you use the left mouse button to sustain your altitude, and increase it, you'll use up the fuel you have very quickly. Don't worry though - you can pick up fuel power ups every hundred meters or so - and each one gives you a fuel tank of gas. You can afford to miss one fuel power up, but after that, you'll run out and end up crashing.

Besides picking up fuel power ups, the only other power up you'll come across is the missile - once you've got one, you won't be able to get another until you've used it, so don't hang on to it for too long. You can use the missile to destroy mountains that come across your path; these mountains would normally be unavoidable, but the missile can cut through just about anything.

Miniheli is your standard helicopter game - and even though there's only one objective: to survive as long as you possibly can - it can get pretty addicting. As your distance travelled increases, the amount and size of mountains blocking your way will increase, making the game progressively difficult. If you think you can handle it, though, go ahead - you just may make it in the top 100.