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Hot Air Bloon Instructions

Hold left click to cause helium dirigible to rise, let go to go down.

Hot Air Bloon Walkthrough

Hot Air Bloon is basically a re-skinning of the original Helicopter game. You have your helicopter, or a monkey holding onto a blimp, and can go up or down, and must avoid obstacles while collecting points, or balloons, as long as possible. If you've ever played Helicopter the original game, you'll find absolutely no difference in this besides the slightly fancier looking graphics, and a monkey.

Speaking of the monkey, it actually doesn't count as your helicopter sprite; what that means is, if a balloon touches the monkey, it does not count as touching it all. Respectively, if your monkey touches a tree obstacle, it does not count as touching it. Keep that in mind if you think you need to avoid going too low, or want to collect balloons slightly underneath sprite.