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HeliStorm 2 Instructions

Just like other helicopter games, with a control scheme that's easy to pick up, Helistorm 2 is quite easy to play. For basic movement, just use the W, A, S, and D keys. Press W to step on the turbo. The A and D keys, on the other hand, is for turning to the right and left respectively. If you are taking a LOT of fire, press the S button to activate your shield. For taking out enemy units, just move your mouse to aim and hit the left click button to fire. If you need to pause the game or access the options, just press the P button. That's about it for the controls. Onto the game!

HeliStorm 2 Walkthrough

OK, in this helicopter game, you are on body guard mission. Your objective is to protect those convoy trucks until they reach the safety of the main base. Do that and you will bag A LOT of bonuses.

But don't think this is going to be cakewalk.

You are going to take A LOT of enemy fire and if you want to survive and have a chance to see daylight, you need to destroy that heavy artillery in time, which also gives you extra bonus points. Just survive for as long as you can and, hopefully, your score is high enough to make it to the high score table.

Now, there is ONLY one level in this game... and unlike other single-level helicopter games (which is meant more or less just for killing time), that single level in HeliStorm 2 could easy prove overwhelming. You need to keep an eye on the top left portion of your game screen.

Your mission's objective could change any minute - from protecting a convoy, to eliminating a congestion of tanks, helicopters, etc., and those are just to name a few. As for the enemy units, they are REALLY aggressive. They won't wait for you to fire first. The moment you step into their range, you can expect serious bombing and it won't stop unless you run away or hit back and eliminate them first before they can take you out.

Speaking of running away, it's not something you should be ashamed of. For one thing, the enemy units in this helicopter game seriously outnumber you. Plus, to make things even harder, their firepower is far stronger than yours.

Well, for other helicopter games, this is the part where I will tell you not to worry as you will encounter crates or power-ups along the way, which will turn the tide in your favor. Unfortunately, there's no such thing in Helistorm 2. There are no crates or power-ups that will level the playing field for you. You will be at a disadvantage all throughout the game and that forces you to take up a strategy... something smarter than facing these enemy tanks, helicopters, rocket launchers, etc. head on and crossing your fingers as you hope for the best.

One way to go about it is to get moving all the time. If there's one aspect that's advantageous for you in this helicopter game, that's your speed. Use it! Don't let the enemy units put you against the ropes. Keep moving, they will follow BUT they won't be able to keep up.

That allows you to isolate some of them... making it easier for them to take out. If things didn't turn out well and the battle is seriously going out of your control, remember that the shield is in your arsenal for good reason - use it. This should repel enemy attacks for quite some time. If your life bar runs out, it's game over and you have to start from square one. Well, that's about everything you need to know soldier. Now off you go. You have some convoy trucks to protect and missions to complete. Hope that you make it back in one piece.