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Helio Adventures Reloaded Instructions

Arrow keys to float your balloon west, east, north and south. WASD can be used alternatively. Mouse to select options, pause, and skip. Space to enter/resume from pause state.

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Despite its name, Helio Adventures is not about helicopters; but instead, a happy-go-lucky flying balloon. The dialogue-less story is very straightforward, you're the slightly more inflated red balloon much save its flock of sunset-colored brethren from the helium hating birds.

This is a very simplistic adventure game, where you move your balloon to cages (how does he even get them open? No opposable thumbs!) and free your balloon brothers in a simple sixteen levels. Along the way, you must avoid the gravity-defying hedgehogs, spikes, and other malicious sharp objects like pineapples. To make it more interesting, you have the optional task of collecting not-too-shiny stars that improve your high score and possible achievements! As you near the mid-point of the game, it becomes increasingly challenging. Frustration will be inevitable as you might go POP! At the slightest tap. Remember, balloons naturally float upwards, so leaving the controls alone will cause your balloon to rise, in accordance to gravity laws.

The general feel of the game is very smooth and fast, and with a intuitive, simple to follow menu, along with casual breezy music (and of course, if you don't like that sort of stuff, you can turn it off), it's a sure-fire great game to play on a break! The best part is, if you need to quickly minimize or do something else, Helio Adventures will automatically pauses the game for you! Very convenient for anyone trying to disguise attempts to play games at work.