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Heliguardian War Instructions

Mouse to select various options, numpad to hotkey build units, space to use hyper beam, arrow keys to view minimap and area.

Heliguardian War Walkthrough

Heliguardian war is like a real time strategy helicopter game, but without the ability to micromanage your troops. The objective is to get your helicopter troops to destroy the enemy base. It's surprisingly fun, so turn that in-game music off and keep reading.

Heliguardian starts off simple; you have the option to build two types of helicopters, and can use an emergency hyper beam to obliterate the map in case things aren't in your favour. Make careful use of they hyperbeam; it can save your life, and clear a stalemate. Also, the hyper beam kills gives you money for each helicopter, so spend it fast before your stock maxes out. Hotkey use is very important; remember to constantly spawn helicopters every few seconds.

Experience, the upgrade currency, is calculated by your level score divided by two. Ultimately, you might think, "Hey, if I prolong the battle, I will get more experience!" Well, actually, the game discourages that with a bonus for time taken to complete the level. Yes, at a point, you will make more experience than the bonus would have to offer, but do you really want to waste that much time on one single level? Upgrades in this game are very important; the most important ones are money regeneration, and population count. The most useless one is money stock, so besides taking note of these three, feel free to upgrade whatever you want. A good strategy is to upgrade the dragonfly and constantly build those en masse.

You cannot queue units, unfortunately, so remember to constantly fill your population count with helicopters. If you overbuild, your money will be lost, which is not too big of a deal, but something to watch out for. Also, you cannot view the sides of the map for some reason; a little interesting tidbit.

Turrets and sideturrets are useful once you've established a middle ground fight, but the game allows you to constantly build them even if you already have some; all it does is waste your time, so be advised against that.

You can replay battles for more experience; I recommend just replaying the last level you beat if you need a little more for an upgrade. The end-game of HeliGuardian can get pretty difficult; however, there are some tips to get past them. First off, make sure money regeneration is maxed out; this is crucial, you cannot win without a steady flow of money. Then, max out extra money per kill, and spam traps. Just keeping hitting the A hotkey no matter what, and remember to be constantly spawning helicopters. Also, the hyper beam is a necessity to break their assaults; you cannot physically win the game without using the hyper beam properly, so time your uses with it and the spawning of helicopters.