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Helicopter - The Game Instructions

Use either the WAD or arrow keys to control your helicopter, with either the CTRL or spacebar can be used to deploy allied soldiers. Land on the indicated loading dock to pick up soldiers, and once the helicopter has been fully loaded, navigate to the beach and drop them off. After they've safely landed, repeat the process. Enemy vehicles and aircraft, including deadly airstrikes, will hinder your progress - and even one direct hit will give you a game over.

Helicopter - The Game Walkthrough

Helicopter - The Game is difficult, enjoyable, and endlessly frustrating. Where other helicopter games will give you more than just one hit point, Helicopter - The Game doesn't. It's up to you to navigate and control your helicopter (which is hard to do - the controls in this game are haphazard, at best, but it makes for interesting gameplay) between the beach and navy cruiser. In between trips to both sides of the screen, you'll have to either pick up soldiers or deploy the soldiers you've picked up.

To stop you along the way, besides the fuzzy and rigid controls, are enemy tanks, enemy aircraft, and even enemy airstrikes. Point and click to fire at and destroy these vehicles - but when the seemingly random airstrike occurs, which will happen usually at the worst possible moment, you can hide on the lower deck of the navy cruiser to be completely protected.

You'll have to avoid doing a few things - crashing, even once will result in a game over, and you'll want to make sure that you're dropping off parachuting soldiers on the beach, not the waterfront. As the game goes on, and you rack up more and more points, the difficulty will increase significantly - as if it wasn't hard enough at the beginning of the game. You'll encounter more enemy vehicles and aircraft, and your odds of survival will dwindle.

If you can manage even a steadfast control of the helicopter, you'll at least a good chance of getting far in Helicopter - The Game. Overall, it's a fun game to pick up and play, but if you put some time into it, it's even more fun on later levels. Though it make take you a while to reach them, the later levels are what make this helicopter game worth playing - so try and see how far you can get in this retro game.