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Helicops Territories - this is one of those helicopter games that comes with nice elements from classic shooting strategy games...and the background story is nice, too. As for the controls, they are very easy to pick up on and straightforward enough to be understood within seconds: you can use the directional keys or the W, A, S, and D buttons to control your helicopter. As for taking out those enemies, use your mouse to aim and shoot. That's it. Nothing fancy or complicated as far as controls go.

Helicops Territories Walkthrough

If you are looking for helicopter games that are beefed up with elements from classic helicopter shooting games as well as real time strategy, Helicops Territories is a game you simply have to try out. As the name suggests, this helicopter game is all about conquering...or rather claiming territories from the hands of a powerful army, territories that are supposed to be yours anyway.

The background story of Helicops Territories is also quite interesting: About 2 decades ago, the Macrodobia nation was ruled by a just and fair king - King Cliffy. HOWEVER, a massive army from a nearby nation sets its sight on Macrodobia and decided to invade it. And invade it they did.

The righteous King was dispatched to another country as an exile. As years have passed, he faded and died. In his deathbed, however, he made a wish: for his son to reclaim the land, which he is the RIGHTFUL heir to. Enlisting the help of the loyal General Potts, the son (that's you by the way) was able to get enough dough to grab a helicopter. It's time to reclaim the country of Macrodobia.

The question is: do you have enough fire power to defeat all comers and the massive army that brought the country to its knees? You and you alone (and how well or bad you play the game) can tell. There are 2 game modes, by the way: (1) Beginner and (2) Expert. I wish there's something in between BUT, naddah. Anyway, if you are just starting out with helicopter games, I would recommend you start with the Beginner level. This game is by no means a piece of cake.

Skipping the dialogue and everything else, you will find the World Map - this makes it feel like playing a real time strategy game. In this game, there are 8 regions found in the World Map. You can attack different regions BUT it would be best to start with small ones. The BIGGER the region is, the beefier and tougher its defenses are. Starting only with a handful of soldiers and helicopters, attacking the MOST fortified enemy regions is equivalent to suicide.

The more territories you have conquered, the more BIGGER your cash flow will be. And believe me, you will need it. You need all the help you can get in this helicopter game. Even at Beginner's mode, Helicops Territories has the potential to make a seasoned veteran in helicopter games cringe in defeat.

Anyway, after clicking on a region you want to conquer, you will see how many units you have at your disposal: fighter ships, capture ships that conquer enemy territories, and fuel. Naturally, they're all starting at zero. With only $8000 at your disposal, you better spend your funds wisely - starting with the fuel of course to get your helicopters air borne.