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Helic Instructions

The controls of Helic is very simple - use the W, A, D, and S keys for maneuvering your fighting helicopter. Alternatively, you can also use the up, down, left, and right directional keys instead. For taking out those enemy tanks and choppers, use the mouse for aiming, press the left click button for firing, and hold on to it for rapid and automatic firing.

Helic Walkthrough

If you are looking for helicopter games that are action packed, one that pits you against all sorts of tanks and other helicopters, and one that also showcases some nice elements taken from tower defense games, then Helic is a game you definitely don't want to miss.

The objective is pretty simple: defend your base from being obliterated by the enemy. And believe me, these bad guys would stop at nothing to see you and your base in ashes. Now, don't worry, you are not in this alone. You can build turrets and defensive towers to aid you in the defense. HOWEVER, they are pretty limited. The number of turrets you can build depends on how many turret platforms you have at that level. Also, they will cost you cash. Killing enemies give you cash that you can use for beefing up your defenses.

To build a turret, move above the area where the outline of the turret is. Press E or Space Bar to start building. Hold on to any of those buttons until the green bar that appears is filled. By the way, one of the worst things you can do is start building a turret when there are enemies free-firing at you. Getting hit will interrupt the construction, causing you to start over and over again...not getting anything done and getting a lot of damage.

It's one of those helicopter games where it's impossible not to get hit. You will get hit in Helic...A LOT. BUT don't worry. After every wave of attackers, or before it's over, cargo ships will land on your helicopter pad and base to deliver goodies - (1) First aid kits that will fill your life bar. Your life bar, by the way, is located on the topmost part of the screen. Always keep an eye on it! (2) Weapon Upgrades - with enemies growing in numbers and in power wave after wave, you will need this. The first upgrade gives gun faster firing power. The next one gives you a rocket launcher that will take out even the beefiest and toughest tanks you will encounter.

Here's a note though: those friendly cargo ships can only deliver the first aid kits and weapon upgrades if your base and heli pad is in one piece. Miss that and you won't get any provisions. Don't forget to repair your base and turrets (especially the most damaged ones) in between waves. You get about 20 to 30 seconds between every wave to get the job done. You better be fast.

Here are some tips and tactics that will help you get far in this game: (1) Spend your money on turrets and repairs as soon as you get them. Money sitting is money wasted. Besides, how high your score is won't be judged by how much money you have left. Spend it on repairs and turrets - doing so will help you get far in the game, which means you will score better.

(2) Hit And Run Tactic - once the wave of enemies start pouring in, get in the front line, fire at the enemy to distract their attention from your turrets, fire at them, and move out of their range as soon as they turn their cannons to you. Taking some shots for your turrets make sense since you don't have to spend anything to restore your health. You get it for FREE!