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HeliAssault Redux Instructions

Use Number keys (not numpad) 1,2,3,4 respectively to switch helicopter weapons, up arrow to go up, left arrow to slow down, right arrow to speed up, down arrow to descend. Space to shoot

HeliAssault Redux Walkthrough

In the redux, or redone version of HeliAssault, the core game itself has drastically fixed its flaws; well, most of them. Let's recap from the first game; you chase after a target, shoot it down, upgrade your chopper, and roll out again to kill the next one.

In HeliAssault Redux, the flying mechanism has improved; you are no longer forced to hold that up arrow! Instead, you descend at a tenth of the original game's rate, making you glide downwards instead of plummeting to your death. Not only that, you have the abilities to go forward, down, and left with their respective arrow keys. This severely improves your agility, which is no doubt much better. Also, buildings no longer instantly kill you upon touching their sharp sharp edges. Instead, it counts a nick on your outer helicopter shell, which is hardly any damage.

The generic enemies set to stop you have transformed into diagonal mushroom stalks, which make absolutely no sense. But, I suppose, it's unique. Your weapons do less damage against the target, so wasting them like the last game isn't too viable anymore. Unfortunately, like the last game, one thing that wasn't fixed was the awful music; it's the same loop from the original, you cannot turn it off, and your ears will melt if you listen to it for more than five minutes. Play some louder music to fix it while playing this helicopter game.