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Action packed and fun - Heli Attack 3 is, without a doubt, one of the more exciting helicopter games you can lay your hands on. Needless to say, the controls are a little more complicated BUT easy to handle nevertheless: use the movement or directional keys to get your player moving. Use the A and D directional keys to move. Use the W directional key to jump. You can even hold on to it for higher jumps. The S directional key, on the other hand, is for crouching. This will lower your height enabling you to dodge bullets. By the way, you can crouch while in mid air - making you highly evasive. Perfect for not getting shot. By the way, these controls can easily be changed in the options menu.

Heli Attack 3 Walkthrough

One of the helicopter games that are oozing with action and excitement - Heli Attack 3. If you have been living under a rock and haven't played this game yet, you are missing out! Created by the very talented guys from Square Circle Co., Chris Rhodes and Chris Hilderbrand, this helicopter game has formed a cult following...and it's NOT really surprising why.

An arcade survival shooter and helicopter game that comes with all of the elements from its prequel - Heli Attack 2, you are guaranteed to have pure doses of shooting and bullet dodging fun for the hours to come. After all, Heli Attack 2 was awarded as Miniclip's Best Game of 2003. It comes with all of the niceties that the previous game has and MORE!

Instead of tweaking the core game play, which is the game's primary strength and selling point, the developers added more movements like climbing and crouching. And to make things even better, they tossed in new weapons - weapons that are more destructive (which means more FUN!) than ever. Level progression is also tossed in, giving the game a nice change of scenery from one level to another and increases enemy difficulty.

Oh! Before I forget, a really cool gun was added to the mix - serving as a reward to those hardcore and veteran players who love helicopter games. That is, if you make it thrugh the impossibly long final level that is littered with corpses of expert gamers like you.

Some Devious Tips And Tricks

(1) So you are playing on a different computer and have set the details on low or medium? Here's a trick: set it on high. This will make the game a bit slower...allowing you to dodge bullets and im better. I don't know about you BUT I'm willing to sacrifice graphical quality to get a higher score and go a notch or two farther than I could.

(2) Time Break - this is one of the time modes that can be triggered by the Time Mode Key. While it's a bit tricky to use, BUT once you have learned its ins and outs, it can be a very powerful weapon. It slows down everything around you allowing you dodge bullets and aim better.

Showcasing graphics design like that of Metal Slug, showcasing more detailed terrains like snow, jungle, canyon lands, lab levels, PLUS well over 30 weapons of mass destruction, this is one of the helicopter games you can't afford to miss!

Browser-based games doesn't get any better than this. The guys behind Square Circle Co. has proven that serious and FUN games can be developed in Flash!