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Hanna in a Choppa Instructions

Hanna in a Choppa is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move your helicopter. The Z and X keys rotate your helicopter left and right respectively. Press the spacebar to deploy the winch.

Hanna in a Choppa Walkthrough

Hanna in a Choppa is a brain-challenging helicopter game. This physics game features simple vector graphics, twenty-one levels, and fifteen achievements.

The objective of Hanna in a Choppa is to solve puzzles on each level. Puzzles include triggering switches, flocking sheep, and even baking pretty cakes! Once you have solved the puzzle and saved the day, land your helicopter safely by the exit flag to end the level and proceed to the next. Your progress is automatically saved in this helicopter game, so you do not have to complete all twenty-one levels in one session.

The keyboard is used to control Hanna in a Choppa. The arrow keys move the helicopter in their corresponding directions. You may alternatively use the WASD keys for basic movement. The Z and X keys rotate the helicopter counterclockwise and clockwise respectively. The spacebar is used to deploy and retract your winch, which is useful for grabbing onto items, carrying them, and dropping them to solve puzzles. Keep in mind that when you press a key to move, movement may not occur instantaneously since physical forces such as gravity (including gravity acting on objects that you are hauling), wind resistance, and inertia are present in this helicopter game.

If you want to succeed in Hanna in a Choppa, it goes without saying that you should avoid collisions. Your helicopter can take a beating, but a hard collision with a wall or an object will turn it into a wreck. Unfortunately, this helicopter game does not have a health bar or any other visual aides to show you how much damage your chopper has taken, so you will have to be extra cautious. You have unlimited lives in this game so you can retry each level as many times as you need to should you wreck your chopper, but it is best to get things done right the first time if possible.

If you are a fan of puzzle games but like a bit of action rather than clicking and dragging objects, then Hannah in a Choppa is the perfect game for you. Whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore physics game enthusiast, you will have fun giving this helicopter game a whirl!