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Global Rescue Instructions

Global Rescue is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move. The Z key is used to drop chaff and the C key is used to shoot. Press the spacebar to lower and recoil the winch to rescue hostages.

Global Rescue Walkthrough

Global Rescue is a helicopter game sponsored by the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force. This shooting game features outstanding graphics, simple controls, and gameplay somewhat similar to that of Desert Strike (although not presented from an isometric vantage point).

The objective of Global Rescue is to pilot your AugustaWestland Merlin helicopter through hostile territory to rescue hostages. Once you have picked up hostages (you may carry up to five passengers at a time), return to base to drop them off. You are given three lives at the beginning of this helicopter game. When all lives are lost, the game will end. Your progress is not saved, so if you lose all of your lives or come back to play later, you will have to start the game from its beginning.

Global Rescue uses the keyboard as its input device. The arrow keys are used to move your helicopter. To fire, use the C key. Your gun will automatically lock on to your nearest enemy, so you will not have to struggle to maneuver your helicopter in order to get a clear shot. The Z key is used to deploy chaff, which is useful for spoofing enemy missiles that may have your chopper locked. Finally, the spacebar is used to lower your winch to rescue hostages. Once a hostage has grabbed onto the rope, press the spacebar again to retract the winch and retrieve them.

Enemy forces are not the only hazards in Global Rescue; you will have to keep an eye on your fuel level and watch out for hostile terrain as well! Your fuel gauge is located in the upper-left corner of the screen. If you need to top off your fuel tank, land at a fuel station or at HQ, but be sure to come in for a soft landing or you will crash and lose a life! To avoid slamming into obstacles such as cliffs and trees, fly high until you need to lower for rescuing hostages or engaging enemies. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to tell background objects from objects that you can crash into in this helicopter game, so it is best to avoid every bit of terrain just to be safe!

Global Rescue may be a recruitment tool, but it is a well-made shooting game with solid gameplay that anyone can enjoy, even those with no intention to join the forces. Those of us who are not citizens of the United Kingdom or the British Commonwealth may never get the chance to fly for the RAF, but we can still have a jolly-good time playing this helicopter game!