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Desert Fire Instructions

Just like other helicopter games out there, Desert Fire comes with a control scheme that's easy to understand and pick up. As for the movement of your helicopter, you can use the arrow keys or the usual and less-awkward W, A, S, and D keys. In this game, however, I would HIGHLY advise that you use the latter as you need to press the space bar button to fire your missiles away and other secondary weapons. As for taking out enemy units, you need to use your mouse: use it to turn your gunner's orientation and aim. Press the left click button to fire, or better yet, hold it down for rapid firing. Well, that's about it for the controls of this helicopter game. Now let's have a look at the game.

Desert Fire Walkthrough

OK soldier. Right off the bat let me tell you that this mission is NOT easy. In this helicopter game, you have been hired by a humanitarian sector to protect its delegation from the terrorists and fanatical sectarians, who would stop at nothing to destroy the sector. And no, they won't be impressed by your rapid firing machine gun or your missiles. They will fire back and you need to maneuver your helicopter adeptly to complete your mission and make it back in one piece.

OK, before sending you into the raging war zone, let's take a closer look at this helicopter game's interface. On the top right corner of the game screen, you will find your mission progress.

This largely depends on what your mission is. It won't show much if your mission is to get to the other side of the area or something relatively easier. Right below the mission progress, you will find the Mission Time. This clock is counting down and you have to complete your mission before it runs out. Fail that and you need to start from square one.

Moving the left top corner of the screen, you will find your armor... your life bar. The more damage you take, the faster it will run out. And you don't want that armor bar to be drained, or else, you will end up toasted. The missile icon with a number represents the amount of secondary and MORE powerful weapons you have in your arsenal. They are pretty limited as you can see so be wise in using them.

Oh! And one last thing, keep an eye for that yellow arrow as it indicates where you should head to. OK, as for strategies, there's not a lot I could impart. This is one of those helicopter games where common sense can take you REALLY far. PLEASE, read the mission briefing. This helicopter game isn't just about shooting down enemy units. You could easily spend A LOT of time roaming around - shooting down rocketeers, bunkers, etc., when all you have to do is make a quick run for the rendezvous. Aside from that, just be slippery. The projectiles - missiles, bullets, etc. thrown at you can be easily seen and dodged. Just keep a clear head and, perhaps, exercising your reflexes should cut it. You may feel a little dizzy in your first try, BUT after playing it enough times, you should get used to it like a boss.

Looking at the game, I had A LOT of fun playing it. But there are a couple of things that weren't polished enough. It didn't affect the game in a drastically negative way, BUT it still can be improved. BUT let's not dwell on that. The game comes with a good story line, which probably took ages to complete. The controls are easy to handle. The animation of this helicopter game is also smooth and the graphics are great. The sound is very much in sync with the surroundings. And to top it all off, it was REALLY FUN to play!

Give this helicopter game a shot and you will see what I'm talking about.