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Desert Escape Instructions

Control and pilot your helicopter with the WASD keys. Switch between weapons with the 1-3 number keys. Try to destroy as many enemy tanks during your escape so they won't destroy you.

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Desert Escape is a helicopter game with a simple premise - you've got to get out of the desert with your life, and depending on what difficulty you've selected (easy, average, or INSANE), you might just stand a chance.

There are three different upgrades you can choose from at the beginning of the game, too - a laser sight for your gun, which is basically worthless, super speed for your helicopter - which can be kind of useful, and a super fast firing rate for your machine gun - probably the best choice, all in all. The other two weapons you can use are rockets, which can easily clear the screen with a well-placed shot, and the healing gun - which replenishes your health by 15% each time you hit an enemy tank with it.

If you think the game is all about destroying the enemy though, you're in a for a surprise - if anything, it's about avoiding enemy fire and staying alive as long as you possibly can. The premise of the game is escaping the desert, so you have to try and survive - and that means conserving your health as long as you can, not just destroying as many enemies as possible.

But as the number of enemies increase, you'll have to spend ample amounts of time avoiding fire and returning it. Especially in INSANE mode, where there are hordes of tanks right from the get-go. And, just so you know, the health bar you're given maxes out at 110% - so don't try and use the health gun too much, it can only help in small increments anyways.

All in all, Desert Escape is simple, fun, and easy to pick up and play - exactly that kind of helicopter game you're looking for if you want to have some fun. See how long you can survive, or, if you can even escape in this exciting, fast-paced game.