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CopterCrasher Instructions

Use the arrow keys to control your helicopter, and try to destroy as many other helicopters as you can with the limited amount of fuel you have. Hit the A key to toggle shown stats while you're playing, and make sure you go after large groups of helicopters, rather than picking them off, one by one.

CopterCrasher Walkthrough

CopterCrasher isn't your regular helicopter game - not in the least. Instead of trying to rescue someone, or trying to destroy someone else due to some logical reason, all you'll be doing is crashing into other helicopters - helicopters that look exactly the same as your own. You can use the arrow keys to do so, and the bottom of the screen will show how much fuel you have left, how many "enemy" choppers you've destroyed, and your total score. Press the A key if you don't want this to show while you're playing - after all, it could get in the way of all the destruction.

Since you're not given a gun in CopterCrasher, the only way you'll be able to destroy other helicopters is to simply smash into them - use the arrow keys to gain a fair amount of speed, and when you crash in to some helicopters at high speeds, they'll go flying into others and do better than average damage.

The end result of CopterCrasher is total mayhem, pure and simple. If you're looking for a game that will give you some stress relief, CopterCrasher is the game to do it with. Since there's no overall goal or objective, rather than just destroying what you can, you can only have fun with this particular helicopter game. And remember - you'll destroy a lot more enemy helicopters if you go after big groups of them - to find huge groups of enemy helicopters, make large, wide-sweeping X-like patterns across the screen. They'll eventually show up.