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Choppa Poppa Instructions

Move the mouse to control the helicopter, and left click to shoot when ammo is gathered.

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Choppa Poppa is not a game where you 'pop' a 'choppa'. No, you ARE the chopper, and you're popping balloons! With very low-grade graphics, bad sounding music which cannot be turned off, this game leaves a lot to be desired in the atmosphere department.

The game utilizes your cursor to move and control the helicopter. Your objective is to pop the balloons, and avoid flying blocks of land and spikes. Choppa Poppa has serious sprite clipping issues, as your helicopter is slightly larger than the average land block. That means you will most likely take damage if you don't move parallel towards one, which may glitch at intervals, causing more damage. The shooting is also somewhat flawed, as you can only shoot straight towards the right from your helicopter. No downwards shooting, no upwards, just plain right. Ammunition is not reset throughout the levels, leaving it desirable for some stacking strategy if you can sacrifice a few lives.

Choppa Poppa is a very basic flash game, as if it was created by a high school student at the last minute. The cursor movement isn't fluid and takes some getting used to. Often times, you'll run your cursor off the screen. With the very generic sounds and annoying music loop at the start of each level, it may be wise to select a more robust flash game to play.


Title: HeliAssault

Controls: Number keys 1,2,3,4 respectively to switch weapons, up arrow to go up, space to shoot

Instructions: HeliAssault is that kind of helicopter game that doesn't really lend itself to the description of fun. You control a helicopter that flies itself on suicide missions against some unknown evil aeroplane. Is this aeroplane actually evil? Is it a missionary? Does it carry passengers? These questions are not answered in the slightest. No, you're paid to bomb these planes out of the sky, regardless of their origins. First time playing, I crashed and died in 0.4 seconds. Why? I didn't hold the up key. Very important key to staying alive; hold up. Release it when you want to go down to either a) shoot your target or b) grab a power-up. Otherwise, keep your finger (or a mechanical weight) on that key.

You have limited ammo, though at the start of the game it's really pointless, so feel free to waste as much as you want in wanton destruction. When each target is killed, you have the option of upgrading parts to do more damage, keeping the game looking fresh. You earn money to upgrade by killing enemy planes, grabbing floating money clips, and completing levels.

A few notes about your helicopter itself in this game; you can crash into enemy planes without too much damage. At first, you can only shoot straight to the right. And lastly, if you forgot to hold the up arrow key, and you go too low and touch the tip of a building, the helicopter completely self-destructs and ends your game. Traumatic, isn't it? Make sure you avoid that kind of death! This game is improved in the next instalment, HeliAssault Redux