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Boozoids Instructions

Control the bombing sight with your mouse - where it goes, your bomber will follow. Click the left mouse button to drop a bomb, and hold it down to drop timed bombs that you can aim. Destroy every boozoid to complete a level, with a total of thirty levels to play through and complete.

Boozoids Walkthrough

Boozoids isn't your typical helicopter game; it's not all about action, you don't have to shoot down other helicopters, your only mission and goal is to destroy every boozoid you come across in each level. Boozoids are evil robots, and they can take quite a beating - even a direct hit won't always destroy one. Each level in Boozoids consists of a floating island, and this island has boozoids located on top of it. There may only be a few, or there may be a horde of boozoids - it's your mission to destroy them in the most creative way with the least amount of bombs dropped possible.

Getting familiar with the controls of Boozoids may take a few levels - since the bombing sight controls the direction of your helicopter, and the fact that aiming dropped bombs takes a fair amount of patience. If a high score is what you're after, though, you'll have to do your best as quickly as possible - bonus points awarded to those who blow boozoids off of the island they're standing on, rather than just blowing up boozoids in general.

The first few levels in Boozoids will give you tons of hints, and it's a good idea to pay attention to what they say. Bombs already placed on each level will help you a great deal if you can blow them up with a well placed dropped bomb. The best way to make an accurate drop is to hold the left mouse button down until the dotted-line sight shows up - you'll almost be able to hit anything from a mile away.

Evil robots, bombs, timed bombs, and even more bombs is what you'll find in Boozoids. With thirty levels to complete, it's a game that you'll end up playing more than a few times; the later levels being especially difficult. More fun than your standard helicopter game - this is one game you'll be able to pick up and play whenever you'd like.