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Bomb Blitz Instructions

Increase the altitude of your plane by pressing the spacebar - avoid enemy planes and skyscrapers, otherwise a single hit will destroy you. As you fly over the city, drop bombs with the X key and try to destroy the tallest ones first - focus on dropping as many bombs as possible, and be sure to destroy enemy planes whenever possible by dropping bombs on them, too.

Bomb Blitz Walkthrough

You'll start the game immediately flying over a cityscape, over a ton of sky scrapers. The game screen is quite small, so you'll simply loop through the same cityscape once you reach the edge of the screen. When you're towards the edge of the screen, it's a good idea to look out for black planes - if you run into them, even once, it's a game over; they can appear quite suddenly on the edge of the screen, too.

But the black planes aren't only supposed to run into you - they're supposed to drop parachuting soldiers that repair the skyscrapers you've destroyed. So, if you ever get the chance, try flying over a black plane and dropping a bomb on it - this will get you a fair amount of bonus points, and it will stop the rebuilding of the cityscape, at least temporarily.

The overall goal of Bomb Blitz is to destroy as much of the cityscape as you can for as long as you can - and while this may seem tedious, it can be quite fun and addicting. Since the bombs you drop will only destroy a specific building to certain point, you can immediately drop another bomb after the first one disappears. If you can keep track of this, try and drop as many successive bombs as you can, for maximum damage.

With a simple premise that you'll find in a lot of helicopter games, arcade games, and almost any flash game - Bomb Blitz turns the premise on its head and makes some fresh, new and exciting. Anyone looking for a challenge will find it with Bomb Blitz - see how much of the cityscape you can destroy.