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Blue Bird: Sky Destroyer Instructions

Use either the WASD or arrow keys to control and move your helicopter; the spacebar will allow you to shoot. To toggle sound on or off, hit the enter key; the ESC key pauses the game at any time. Pick up clouds for various bonuses - and try to pick up as many ejected pilots as you can for extra bonus points.

Blue Bird: Sky Destroyer Walkthrough

Blue Bird: Sky Destroyer is a helicopter game with three difficulty settings: easy, normal, and hard. Each mode will start out seemingly easy enough, but as the game progresses, each becomes insanely difficult as enemy abilities increase over time. For instance, you'll only start fighting against enemy air mines (these can only hurt you if you run into them), but after a few rounds, you'll start fighting against actual enemy helicopters, and then enemy helicopters that are able to fire at you.

The end of each round will have a boss battle - you'll have to shoot down a yellow plane that has quite a bit of health, but once it's down, the next round will begin. The game will tell you what enemy upgrades are being introduced, so you'll know what to look out for, but as the game goes on it gets increasingly important to pick up as many bonuses as you can.

Bonuses can be acquired by picking up small, noticeable clouds. Each cloud gives a random upgrade or bonus, and these can range from destroying all enemies on screen to acquiring a shield that protects the front end of your helicopter. Each bonus and upgrade proves useful, though, so run into as many clouds as you can over the course of the game. Since there aren't any health bonuses, try not to pick up clouds even if it means getting hit - the amount of health you start the game with can never be refilled or replenished.

Blue Bird: Sky Destroyer is a helicopter game that will keep you guessing. If you want to survive as long as you can, use your arrow keys and stick to the left side of the screen as much as possible - you'll have more time to maneuver through enemy fire, though you'll have to wait a little longer to pick up clouds. Also, if you fire more often than you hit targets, your score will decrease with every extra shot - so make each and every shot count.