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Airsweeper Sixty Instructions

Use your arrow keys to guide your helicopter across the screen as quickly and accurately as possible - every time you clear the screen of ducks, a new round will begin, and bonus points are given for completing rounds. Each game lasts one full minute.

Airsweeper Sixty Walkthrough

Airsweeper Sixty is a breath of fresh air in regards to other helicopter games - the graphics are bright, cheery, and eye-catching. The only enemy you'll come across in this game are different colored ducks, and you don't have to shoot anything, either - you just have to run into much as possible.

The game will start on the first round - and you're only given a whole minute to play. The first round only contains one duck; promptly run it out of the air, and round two will immediately begin. Round two consists of two ducks; with round three consists of three ducks, and so on and so forth. The arrow keys you're using as controls for your helicopter are very reactive and responsive, and that's a good thing - use this to your advantage, and try to cover as much of the screen as you possibly can.

Since ducks are randomly placed on the screen as a new round starts, it's a good idea to mow them down as fast as you can by making an X-pattern with your helicopter. By doing this, you'll be able to clear the screen as quickly as possible, and spend less time trying to hunt down smaller groups of ducks. There's also no way to die or destroy your helicopter in Airsweeper Sixty - you can bounce your helicopter off the edges of the maps, so don't ever worry about using your controls conservatively - that's not what the game is about.

Airsweeper Sixty shows just how good a unique premise can be - in this case, you're destroying a horde of ducks, and it's a whole lot of fun. With only a minute time limit, you can play this game over and over to see how high your highscore can really get - and you won't want to stop trying, either. With its unique gameplay, Airsweeper Sixty is definitely one helicopter game to look out for.