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Air Transporter Instructions

Of all the helicopter games that I have laid my hands on and played, Air Transporter has one of the most complicated controls around. Well, it won't necessarily twist your fingers due to sheer difficulty BUT it takes a quite some time to get used to it. The Common Controls Pressing Hold or shift activates the FREE Camera View. The Q and E buttons will shift the left and right rope up respectively. Pressing W will shift both ropes up. The A and D buttons will do the opposite - shift the left and right rope down respectively. To do both, just press S. Z and C buttons will unlink the cargo from the left and right ropes. Press X to do both in one swoop. The Movement Controls There are 2 actually: (1) you can use the mouse, which is definitely RECOMMENDED. Move the mouse to move your helicopter. Hit the left click button or X to drop the cargo to the target location. (2) If you are a masochist and loves doing things the hard way, you can use the arrow keys for controlling your helicopter. Whew! Told you the controls are difficult. Anyway, onto the game!

Air Transporter Walkthrough

One of simulator helicopter games out in the internet, Air Transporter, as the name suggests, is a game where you control a high powered chopper and use it for handling all sorts of cargo that you need to deliver to the target location to get to the next level. BUT that's NOT all there is to it. You also need to create towers, stop or even start fires, battle against tanks when war time comes, and those are just to name a few.

Needless to say, this is a fun game that will surely keep you busy and on the edge of your seats for the hours to come. By the way, it was featured in's front page and was awarded as the 5th Daily Winner. Just in case you don't know, are filled with games - both new and classic. Making it to the front page and being awarded as a daily winner takes more than being decent. It needs something special and this game certainly has it!

The game play is so rich (and the controls are complicated as I have mentioned) that the developers have decided to beef up the first 5 stages or levels with a lot of tips and tutorials to help those who are just starting out to get used to it. Believe me, it took me quite a while to get past the first level. Well, I'm not really surprised as my reflexes aren't that good and steady. This is one of those helicopter games where steady and good reflexes are EXTREMELY needed to go far.

Being predominantly a cargo simulation and helicopter game, the things you need to do to get from one level to another can be summarized in 4 steps: (1) Of course, click the Start Button to get things rolling. (2) Once you are air borne, use the mouse to control your helicopter. (3) Press S to shift those ropes (with hooks) down. This is the hard part: linking your rope and chopper to the cargo. It takes careful maneuvering and steady hands to do it successfully. If something goes wrong, the X button is always there to unlink it. BUT that means starting all over again. (4) Once you have taken care of step 3, take it to the target location and press X to unlink the cargo.

That's it! If you are looking for helicopter games, or any game for that matter, that will keep you busy for hours, one that is HIGHLY addictive, you are in for a treat with this one.