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Aerial Battle Instructions

Mouse to aim and left click to fire, spacebar to fire heat seeking missiles. CTRL to fire normal missiles.

Aerial Battle Walkthrough

Aerial Battle is a very straightforward, simple helicopter game. You point at the enemy helicopters flying towards you. And you left click to shoot at them. Each shot kills a helicopter and increases your score. There really isn't much to say more than that, but there is something to note; do NOT hold down the spacebar, you will lose ALL your heat-seeking missiles in a few seconds, and only fire two. When you hold down the CTRL button for a few seconds, you will lose ALL your normal missiles as well; except every missile wasted will actually appear on screen, which gives it an interesting use. If you slowly move from left to right (or right to left) while holding down ctrl, you can potentially obliterate everything on the screen at the cost of your entire missile stock.